Referral Rebate: Senoko

As electricity retailers are shutting due to recent surge of natrual gas prices, many of us are forced to decide what's the next move. I kind of regretted not renewing my contract earlier in Feb, and switched over to SP wholesale, but it no longer looks sustainable starting this month. I believe prices will still continue to go up in the next few months.

After lots of deliberation and research over the past few weeks, I've decided to go for a fixed plan with Senoko, as it seems like they were offering the lowest fixed rates of 22c/kWh from my research amongst the other players (I believe it has also gone up to 25.68c/kWh per time of writing).

Why Senoko for me

Senoko was also giving substantial sign up and stackable promotions, which I thought could potentially offset this price hikes.

Furthermore, they have no transmission loss charge, and no hidden costs which appeals to me. Previously when I was on other providers, I had to pay additional fees such as vesting contract charges, market support service charges etc, which adds up significantly.

Additional $10 rebate offer

If you're like me who decided to sign up for Senoko, I'd like to offer you my referral code: 8BPI7VSV.

On top of the $30 new sign up rebate offered by Senoko, I'll also share a portion of the rebate and send you an additional $10 from me, for your (assuming successful) new sign up with my referral code.

Be sure to also stack this with the available promotions. For example, if you have Maybank card, you can potentially take an additional $100 off (while promotions last).

If you have used my referral code: 8BPI7VSV and successfully signed up, please fill in this form -

So with a 2-year plan, you could potentially get up to $100 (credit card promo), + $30 (referral rebate from senoko) + $10 (referral rebate from me)!

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